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Door hangers

Unique and Personal. This form of advertising shows effort and care! Great for local marketing, events, campaigns, etc.


Lawn signs

An economical means of advertising. Have slow moving or waiting traffic see your message or just hit a residental area and stand out. Great advertisment for low cost!


Fridge magnets

Who doesn't like a magnet? A great way to have your company always front and center. Harder to throw away and another great way to expand your advertising reach.



Get your positive ROI with cost effective coupons to draw people to your business. Everyone loves a deal and this is the oldest form of advertising that still works!


Post cards

Essential part of direct marketing for years. Affordable, easy to track, versatile and can brand your business like no other form of advertising.


Handwritten letters

A handwritten letter stands out and is personal. We all know when an envelop reaches our mailbox and is handwritten, we open it. So this marketing tatic is a winner!


London Flyer Distributing: This is your complete and cost effective marketing solution

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